How to Fix BBC iPlayer Proxy Error with a VPN

BBC iPlayer is the UK streaming service that is accessible on iOS, Android, Windows, PS4, Xbox one, Roku, Apple TV and Samsung Smart TV. UK expats who travel abroad are not able to access BBC iPlayer due to geographical restrictions. To bypass these regional restrictions, you need a VPN with UK server location such as Surfshark VPN. You can unblock and watch BBC iPlayer in US, Australia, Canada or anywhere abroad. Sometimes BBC iPlayer is able to catch you using proxy to hide your real IP or location.

BBC iPlayer Proxy Errors

Here is the list of errors you get when access BBC iPlayer outside UK with a proxy

“This content doesn’t seem to be working. Please try again later.”

“BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. Sorry, it’s due to rights issues.”

“BBC iPlayer programs are available to play in the UK only.”

“Based on your location, we realized you are trying to watch BBC iPlayer through proxy. BBC iPlayer is currently not available outside UK. If you live in UK, you will need to disconnect your proxy tool to access videos on iPlayer”

Fix BBC iPlayer Proxy Error

This is the BBC iPlayer Proxy error you get when access outside UK with a proxy. To get around BBC iPlayer proxy error, you actually need a VPN that works.

How to Fix BBC iPlayer Proxy Error with a VPN

If you are unable to get around iPlayer proxy error with your existing VPN service, the only key is to get a VPN that actually works with BBC iPlayer abroad. Choosing the best VPN provider will take a lot time and its costly. That’s why we have done this for you. We have checked some VPNs with UK server location to find out which one really works with BBC iPlayer abroad. Surfshark VPN is the only VPN you can use to avoid BBC iPlayer proxy error.

Surfshark VPN comes with 31 day money back guarantee. That means you can try them risk free. Surfshark VPN is available on devices such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, routers, Linux and so much more.

Get Surfshark VPN for BBC iPlayer
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Bypass BBC iPlayer Proxy Error – Conclusion

Have you tried VPN we have mentioned above? If yes so, were you able to fix BBC iPlayer proxy error? Let us know by posting a comment in comment section.

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