CBC Gem not working with VPN [Quick Fix]

You may have heard that using a VPN allows you to access CBC Gem and other Canadian platforms from anywhere in the world. However, if you’ve invested your hard-earned money and your CBC Gem isn’t working with your VPN, you may wonder if it’s all a scam.

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While reliable VPNs can help you bypass geo-restrictions on CBC Gem, the platform uses sophisticated screening tools to prevent users from violating their terms and conditions. If you access the platform using a VPN-generated Canadian IP address, CBC will detect it and immediately block your access.

Fortunately, there are ways to work around these bans and monitoring. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to restore your connection to CBC Gem and start watching your favorite TV shows.

CBC Gem not working with VPN: Quick Fix

There are three solutions to resolve the issue of CBC Gem not working with VPN:

  • Upgrade your VPN service.
  • Change your Canadian server.
  • Delete cookies.

Upgrade your VPN service

If all of the servers you’ve tried using with CBC are banned and your VPN provider hasn’t updated their IP addresses, it may be time to switch to a better service provider. When CBC detects your VPN’s IP address, it blocks it, and your provider may take some time to update the address.

It’s possible that your current VPN provider lacks sufficient security and privacy features, which can cause your private information and location to leak into CBC’s network and result in you being blocked from the platform.

Switching to a VPN service that offers better unblocking capabilities, speed, and privacy features is a good idea. In our experience, Surfshark VPN is the best VPN for streaming CBC, and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case it’s not right for you.

Later in this article, we’ll discuss in detail the VPNs to avoid to prevent CBC VPN errors, as well as answer some frequently asked questions about this issue.

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Why is CBC Gem Not Working With VPN?

If you’re having issues with CBC Gem not working with your VPN, it’s likely due to the platform blocking access to prevent copyright and license agreement violations. If CBC detects anyone accessing the platform using a VPN IP address, it will block them from accessing the content.

However, CBC can work with VPN if you use a high-quality premium VPN that effectively spoofs your IP address, making it undetectable by screening software. We recommend Surfshark VPN as the best option for watching CBC in the USA, as it provides excellent services for bypassing geo-restrictions on media platforms, particularly Canadian streaming platforms.

How does the CBC block my VPN?

Media platforms must adhere to the rules and regulations of each country regarding media streaming, and they must sign licensing agreements with the respective governments to provide their services in that region. CBC Gem, for instance, has only signed licensing agreements to target Canadian audiences, and it has not taken any extra steps to secure licensing agreements with other countries.

Additionally, producers may claim copyright for streaming their program in a specific region, so if CBC were to stream its programs in another region, it would be illegal.

CBC takes extra precautions to prevent users from violating laws and copyright issues. It has implemented sophisticated screening software to prevent users from accessing the platform using VPN-generated IP addresses. While a single IP address generated by a router can be used by a few devices, hundreds of devices can use a VPN-generated IP address to access the platform using the same address. CBC detects this activity, flags it as suspicious, and blocks the server generating the IP address.

This is the primary reason why CBC is not working with VPN.

Change your Canadian server

Once CBC Gem detects that you are accessing it with a VPN-generated IP address, it will block the server from the site. However, not all VPN servers are necessarily blocked. You can simply connect to a different server to re-establish the connection.

To ensure this, we suggest using a VPN like Surfshark VPN that offers multiple server connections, allowing you to easily switch from one server to another.

Delete cookies

Web cookies are files that record data from websites you visit, such as login credentials or bank information, to enhance your user experience. While generally not malicious, cookies may also store location data.

CBC Gem has advanced methods of detecting if someone is using a VPN to access their platform, and one of these methods is screening cookies. If CBC finds non-Canadian addresses in your cookies, it may block your VPN connection.

If you’re experiencing issues with CBC not working with VPN, clearing your cookies and cache can be a good first step to resolve the issue.


Does CBC block VPN?

Due to CBC’s efforts to prevent VPN access to its platform, your VPN provider’s servers may be blocked, leading to CBC Gem not working with VPN. CBC actively searches for and permanently blocks any VPN-generated IP addresses attempting to access the platform. However, your VPN provider will eventually update the IP address of the server and reactivate it for you to use.

Can Surfshark VPN bypass the geo-restriction of CBC?

Certainly, you can easily bypass the regional restrictions of CBC Gem by connecting to Surfshark VPN’s Canadian server. The optimized Canadian servers of Surfshark VPN for media streaming offer a smooth and uninterrupted experience while accessing CBC Gem.


By now, you have learned how to troubleshoot the issues arising from CBC Gem not working with VPN. While clearing cookies or switching servers might help, the VPN service you choose can significantly affect your streaming experience on geo-restricted websites. We suggest using Surfshark VPN, which offers robust services and IP addresses that bypass CBC’s VPN-blocking measures seamlessly. Furthermore, it offers blazing-fast speeds and top-notch security, making it an excellent choice for streaming media on platforms such as CBC, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more.

If you have any additional queries, please feel free to leave a comment below, and we will be delighted to assist you!

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