How To Fix Hulu Proxy Error

Hulu is an awesome on demand and live streaming subscription service available in U.S.A. You can use watch Hulu on Android, iOS, Apple TV, Firestick, Roku, PS4, Xbox and many other platforms. If you are American expats and you are travelling outside USA either for business or holidays, then you will not be able to access Hulu without VPN.

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Hulu is a US based online streaming service which is only available in USA, for this reason US expats using VPN to access Hulu app but Hulu is more intelligent and they have list of VPN servers, so if you are using VPN and still not able to access Hulu, this means your VPN server IP is in the list of Hulu.

How To Fix Hulu Proxy Error?

Hulu Anonymous Proxy Error

One of the most common error that people faced during accessing Hulu is something like that Hulu have detected your IP address and you are using anonymous proxy tool to access Hulu. This will revoke you to access Hulu website or application.

How to Solve Hulu Anonymous Proxy Error

Basically, Hulu have the VPN Server IP and the VPN service that you are using is not often updating or changing their VPN server IP, for this purpose we have tested different VPN service providers that can unblock Hulu, as per our experience Surfshark VPN is best option to solve this error.

How To Fix Hulu Proxy Error Step by Step Guide

Step by Step Guide
  1. Sign up Surfshark VPN
  2. Download Surfshark VPN app
  3. Change your country location to US
  4. Visit Hulu website or launch app
  5. Enjoy watching Hulu instantly

Why We Recommend Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN is most popular VPN service provider specially for streaming content, therefore they are aware of all the issued faced by VPN users during streaming, they are continuously working on their service and that is the reason you are able to access Hulu, Netflix, Hotstar or any other streaming service smoothly.

If you have tried any VPN service provider that is working smoothly with Hulu, let us know in the comment section, your comments also help others who are facing the similar issue.

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