How to Watch Rai TV Outside Italy in 4 Steps

Rai (Radiotelevisione italiana) is the national company of broadcasting in Italy and it has several terrestrial and subscription of the most popular TV channels and radio channels in the country.

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Rai TV service is only available within the Italy therefore if anyone tries to access RaiPlay outside Italy, they will end up with the following error message:

“The Streaming of the content is only available in Italy. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

How to watch Rai TV outside Italy in 4 Simple Steps

But the good news is that you can watch Rai TV outside Italy with a VPN, and you can watch your favorite shows instantly.

If you’re looking to watch Rai TV outside of Italy, then the good news is that a VPN with Italy server such as Surfshark VPN can help you access your favorite channel from outside Italy.

In this article, I will explain how to watch Rai TV outside Italy with a VPN.

4 Simple Steps to Watch Rai TV outside Italy

  1. Sign-up and Download Surfshark VPN
  2. Install VPN application on your device
  3. Select Italian server from the servers list
  4. Visit Rai TV/RaiPlay and stream your favorite content

Channel List of Rai TV

  1. Rai 1
  2. Rai 2
  3. Rai 3
  4. Rai 4
  5. Rai 5
  6. Rai Movie
  7. Rai Premium
  8. Rai Sport
  9. Rai News24
  10. Rai Italia
  11. Rai Gulp
  12. Rai Ladinia
  13. Rai YoYo
  14. Rai Scuola
  15. Rai Storia
  16. Rai Südtirol (TV channel)
  17. Senato della Repubblica (TV channel)
  18. Camera dei Deputati (TV channel)
  19. UniNettuno University TV

Why Use a VPN to Watch Rai TV Outside Italy?

After testing multiple VPN service providers, we have found that Surfshark VPN was the only VPN which is working perfectly with Rai TV, this is because they have several servers in Italy, they are known for streaming services, Surfshark VPN can unblock Rai TV as well as other streaming services.

Watch Rai TV outside Italy with Surfshark VPN
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