NordVPN Server List

If you are choosing a VPN service provider, you should have look on the server list, for your ease we have compiled a list of NordVPN server. NordVPN is one of the largest VPN service provider in the VPN industry which have 5403+ servers around the world.

NordVPN Server List

NordVPN Server List by Region

NordVPN offers a great variety in server locations. They have largest server network in the world. NordVPN have the following number of servers (continuously increasing) in these regions.

  1. The Americas = 2421 servers
  2. Europe = 2494 servers
  3. Africa, the Middle East and India = 108 servers
  4. Asia Pacific = 694 servers

NordVPN Servers Unblock Netflix

Their servers are capable of unblocking Netflix. Sometimes you are unable to unblock Netflix with one or two server, at this NordVPN huge server list, you can switch to any other server to unblock Netflix, here is an article about how to change Netflix region, this is the reason why server list matter in VPN selection.

NordVPN servers will help you to unblock Netflix, however, we recommend that you should use the following server list to access Netflix with NordVPN.

  1. Netflix United States Servers
  2. Netflix Canada Servers
  3. Netflix United Kingdom Servers
  4. Netflix Netherlands Servers
  5. Netflix Japan Servers

NordVPN Specific Servers

One of the best thing of NordVPN is that they offer specific type of servers for specific purposes. They offer Double VPN, Dedicated IP, P2P and Onion Over VPN servers.

NordVPN DNS Servers

To prevent DNS leaks, NordVPN app will automatically configure their DNS servers. Though if you want to configure them manually then use the following NordVPN DNS servers:


NordVPN Servers Speed Test

For your ease, we have also shared the results of NordVPN Speed Test of their servers. Which will help you to choose the best one for you.

Below is the updated list of NordVPN servers by city and country (where available) and number of servers.

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North America

NordVPN have total 2351 VPN servers in North America.

 CountryCityServer TypesServers
united states flagUnited StatesDedicated IP
Double VPN
united states flagUnited StatesAtlanta 85
united states flagUnited StatesBuffalo 75
united states flagUnited StatesCharlotte 85
united states flagUnited StatesChicago 120
united states flagUnited StatesDallas 122
united states flagUnited StatesDenver 85
united states flagUnited StatesJackson 15
united states flagUnited StatesLas Vegas 25
united states flagUnited StatesLos Angeles 199
united states flagUnited StatesLouisville 75
united states flagUnited StatesManassas 115
united states flagUnited StatesMiami 130
united states flagUnited StatesMinneapolis 38
united states flagUnited StatesNew Orleans 36
united states flagUnited StatesNew York 290
united states flagUnited StatesPhoenix 75
united states flagUnited StatesSaint Louis 83
united states flagUnited StatesSalt Lake City 47
united states flagUnited StatesSan Francisco 108
united states flagUnited StatesSeattle 99
mexico flagMexicoP2P17
canada flagCanadaDouble VPN
canada flagCanadaMontreal 122
canada flagCanadaToronto 102
canada flagCanadaVancouver 203

1907 + 427 + 17 = 2351 Total Servers in North America

Central America

NordVPN have 12 VPN servers in Central America.

 CountryCityServer TypesServers
costa rica flagCosta Rica 12

South America

They have total 58 VPN Servers in South America.

 CountryCityServer TypesServers
argentina flagArgentina 21
brazil flagBrazilP2P31
chile flagChile 6


NordVPN have 2494 VPN servers in Europe.

 CountryCityServer TypesServers
united kingdom flagUnited KingdomDedicated IP
Double VPN
united kingdom flagUnited KingdomLondon 437
united kingdom flagUnited KingdomManchester 210
albania flagAlbaniaP2P8
austria flagAustriaP2P33
belgium flagBelgiumP2P69
bosnia flagBosniaP2P4
bulgaria flagBulgariaP2P15
croatia flagCroatiaP2P6
cyprus flagCyprus 7
czech republic flagCzech RepublicP2P48
denmark flagDenmarkP2P79
estonia flagEstoniaP2P12
finland flagFinlandP2P40
france flagFranceDouble VPN
germany flagGermanyDedicated IP
germany flagGermanyBerlin 92
germany flagGermanyFrankfurt 155
greece flagGreeceP2P11
hungary flagHungaryP2P14
iceland flagIcelandP2P14
ireland flagIrelandP2P45
italy flagItalyObfuscated
latvia flagLatviaP2P15
luxembourg flagLuxembourgP2P30
macedonia flagMacedoniaP2P2
moldova flagMoldovaP2P5
netherlands flagNetherlandsDedicated IP
Double VPN
Onion Over VPN
norway flagNorwayP2P73
poland flagPolandP2P57
portugal flagPortugalP2P17
romania flagRomaniaP2P16
serbia flagSerbiaP2P40
slovakia flagSlovakiaP2P23
slovenia flagSloveniaP2P4
spain flagSpainP2P49
sweden flagSwedenDouble VPN
switzerland flagSwitzerlandDouble VPN
Onion Over VPN
turkey flagTurkeyObfuscated
ukraine flagUkraine 10


There are 276 NordVPN servers in Oceania.

 CountryCityServer TypesServers
australia flagAustraliaP2P242
australia flagAustraliaAdelaide 22
australia flagAustraliaBrisbane 57
australia flagAustraliaMelbourne 54
australia flagAustraliaPerth 40
australia flagAustraliaSydney 69
new zealand flagNew ZealandP2P34


NordVPN have 472 VPN servers in Asia.

 CountryCityServer TypesServers
georgia flagGeorgia 2
hong kong flagHong KongObfuscated
india flagIndiaP2P21
india flagIndiaChennai 13
india flagIndiaMumbai 8
indonesia flagIndonesia 10
japan flagJapanObfuscated
malaysia flagMalaysia 7
singapore flagSingaporeObfuscated
south korea flagSouth Korea 10
taiwan flagTaiwanDouble VPN8
thailand flagThailand 5
united arab emirates flagUnited Arab EmiratesObfuscated20


Currently NordVPN have 33 VPN servers in Africa.

 CountryCityServer TypesServers
Egypt flagEgyptObfuscated3
South Africa flagSouth AfricaP2P30

Above NordVPN servers tables were posted as on September 03, 2019, these server list may be updated on NordVPN’s website.

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