Complete Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN Server List

Number of servers are an important part of VPN service provider, this enables them to provider better VPN service.

Currently Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN have more than 3375+ VPN servers in 52 locations across 32 different countries.

PIA VPN have the fastest VPN servers in multiple locations and countries. These servers are performing well based on our PIA VPN speed test results.

If you are unable to find any particular country that you want to connect with PIA VPN or they do not have server in that particular country then NordVPN is the right choice for you.

You should check NordVPN Server List, they have 5700+ server in 60 countries which are more in numbers then PIA. No one can beat NordVPN in number of servers.

PIA have great VPN servers, if you choose PIA VPN then you are on the right direction.

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You will be amaze with the result of PIA VPN, PIA is the only VPN service provider that have bare-metal servers in their VPN network for improving the server performance and security.

PIA is the only VPN that claim to use the Gigabit VPN Port Speeds which also enhance the performance of PIA VPN .

PIA VPN Server List

Private Internet Access Server Locations and Countries

As mentioned earlier, PIA VPN have 3375+ VPN servers spread in 52 locations and 32 countries around the world.

They have several fastest VPN servers in 52 locations, this means if any server in any particular location is not working, you can always change the server.

PIA VPN Server List by Region & Countries

For your ease, we have listed VPN servers based on different countries and continents. Private Internet Access (PIA) have the VPN servers in following locations and countries and these servers are continuously increasing with the passage of time.

  1. North America = 1784 servers
  2. South America = 20 servers
  3. Europe = 1265 servers
  4. Oceania = 211 servers
  5. Asia = 84 servers
  6. Africa = 10 servers

Complete PIA VPN Server List

We have compiled and shared the complete PIA VPN server list for your ease.

North America

PIA VPN have total 1784 servers in North America.

united states flagUnited States1535
united states flagUnited StatesAtlanta80
united states flagUnited StatesCalifornia199
united states flagUnited StatesChicago58
united states flagUnited StatesDenver53
united states flagUnited StatesEast277
united states flagUnited StatesFlorida100
united states flagUnited StatesHouston50
united states flagUnited StatesLas Vegas30
united states flagUnited StatesNew York City130
united states flagUnited StatesSeattle102
united states flagUnited StatesSilicon Valley117
united states flagUnited StatesTexas178
united states flagUnited StatesWashington DC78
united states flagUnited StatesWest83
mexico flagMexico33
canada flagCanada216
canada flagCanadaMontreal65
canada flagCanadaToronto105
canada flagCanadaVancouver46

South America

PIA have total 20 servers in South America.

brazil flagBrazil20


PIA VPN have 1265+ servers in Europe.

united kingdom flagUnited Kingdom188
united kingdom flagUnited KingdomLondon100
united kingdom flagUnited KingdomManchester28
united kingdom flagUnited KingdomSouthampton60
austria flagAustria17
belgium flagBelgium15
czech republic flagCzech Republic17
denmark flagDenmark26
finland flagFinland20
france flagFrance48
hungary flagHungary10
germany flagGermany79
germany flagGermanyBerlin39
germany flagGermanyFrankfurt40
ireland flagIreland10
luxembourg flagLuxembourg10
netherlands flagNetherlands548
norway flagNorway28
poland flagPoland10
romania flagRomania28
spain flagSpain14
switzerland flagSwitzerland84


PIA VPN have 211 servers in Oceania.

australia flagAustralia195
australia flagAustraliaMelbourne82
australia flagAustraliaPerth10
australia flagAustraliaSydney103
new zealand flagNew Zealand16


PIA have 84 servers in Asia.

Hong Kong FlagHong Kong16
India FlagIndia10
Japan FlagJapan16
Singapore FlagSingapore20
United Arab Emirates FlagUnited Arab Emirates14



Currently PIA VPN have 10 servers in Africa.

South Africa FlagSouth Africa10


Above Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN servers list were posted on October 18, 2019, these server list may be updated on PIA VPN Official Website.

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