How to Remove Fortnite IP Ban with a VPN

The only thing that most Fornite player wants to cope with is Fornite IP Ban. Gamers have been banned for breaking the Fortnite terms of service. However, an IP ban can be disheartening, gamers can remove Fornite IP ban with a VPN such as NordVPN.

When you login to Fornite account, it detects through your IP location. Your IP location is a unique feature which detects your device online. If you break the Fornite terms of service, it can ban your IP location and block your access from connecting to Fornite servers.

With a VPN, you can connect to a server in different location. This way you can change your device IP location and even if you are banned, you can access the Fortnite servers.

In this content, we will show you how to remove Fortnite IP Ban with a VPN

4 Quick Steps to Remove Fornite IP Ban with a VPN

4 Quick Steps
  1. Get a VPN – NordVPN is our top choice for Fornite gaming
  2. Download and install VPN on your device
  3. Connect a server in your desired location
  4. Turn on and start playing Fornite

Using a VPN to Remove Fornite IP Ban from any Country

Fornite IP Ban works like Geo restrictions. It detects each gamer by their IP location. Gamers that go against Fornite rules can have their IP location banned, which removes the gamer device from connecting to Fornite servers.

Fornite only bans individual player IP location. Although, other game companies use Geo restrictions technology to stop downloads of their game in a specific region.

With a VPN such as NordVPN, you can remove Fornite IP ban and access from anywhere, even in a region where the game is not available. With a VPN, you can easily bypass Fornite IP ban by connecting to a server in different location.

Paid VPNs offer a huge range of servers and other features such as military grade encryption that protects you online. VPNs also offer antivirus features which shields your device from phishing attacks and malware.


If your IP location hit by Fornite IP Ban, then you can remove it by using a VPN. NordVPN is our no. 1 choice for Fortnite gaming.

NordVPN sheilds you with its strong encryption, and its limitless bandwidth which make sure that you won’t face any latency or lag issues.

NordVPN apps are available on every devices, which make it easier for Fornite gamers. Get NordVPN and remove Fornite IP ban from anywhere.

Remove Fortnite IP Ban with NordVPN
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