How to Watch Channel 4 UK in New Zealand (4 Quick Steps)

Are you excited to watch British shows or just want to watch an amazing TV not accessible in New Zealand? Here Channel 4 provides few best TV shows online.

This app now is known as All 4 (Channel 4) and accessible on many devices.

Go to the instructions.

Channel 4 is free to access in UK. Anyone who is located in UK can access Channel 4 through apps or internet web browsers.

This app now is known as All 4 (Channel 4) and accessible on many devices.

Can I Watch Channel 4 UK in New Zealand?

Sadly, the Channel 4 uses Geo blocking technology that restricts users to access Channel 4 from outside UK. If you don’t have UK IP address, you are unable to access and sign up to their free service. Unless, you have a VPN with UK server such as NordVPN

How to Watch Channel 4 in NZ

The best VPN service such as NordVPN and their UK IP address can unblock Channel 4 from anywhere in the world as well as New Zealand.

We will tell you how to use a VPN to unblock Channel 4 in a few minutes.

We will also let you know the best VPN for private browsing, 24/7 support and buffer free streaming.

Just follow our quick 4 steps below and you will be watching TV in NZ in a few minutes

Quick 4 Steps
  1. Choose a VPN – NordVPN, is our first choice!
  2. Connect UK IP address
  3. Sign up or log in to Channel 4
  4. Start watching!

Watch Channel 4 in NZ with NordVPN

After checking a few VPN providers, NordVPN was the only one that worked without any issues with Channel 4. They offer 5403+ servers in 59+ countries and you can get NordVPN apps on devices including Windows, Firefox, Chrome, Fire TV, Android, iOS, and MAC at a reasonable price.

Apart from unblocking Geo restricted websites, NordVPN offers secure browsing, superior support, 30 day money back guarantee and 5 multi logins.

Watch Channel 4 in NZ with NordVPN
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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