How to Watch Foxtel GO Overseas

It is very common for Australian having an account of Foxtel GO, Foxtel Go is one the most popular online live and on-demand streaming service in Australia. If you are also Australian, may be you are also a subscriber of Foxtel Go.

With Foxtel Go subscription, you can watch several TV serials, live sports or movies from your package anytime.

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There is no doubt Foxtel Go is amazing streaming service but if you go outside Australia either for vacations or business, it does not work and gives you error of geo restriction. Foxtel Go service is only available in Australia due to licensing rights.

How to Watch Foxtel GO Overseas

It is indeed a pain for user who are paying subscription fees of their Foxtel Go packages.

This is guide for all those victims who are unable to access Foxtel GO overseas. There is a VPN service i.e. Surfshark VPN which makes it possible to access Foxtel when you are not in Australia. Virtual Private Network (VPN) is simply change your location to Australia so that you can access it.

For example, if you are currently in Canada or in United States and trying to access Foxtel Go, it will give you error message something like saying that “Sorry for the inconvenience. Access to My Account is not currently available outside Australia”.

How to Watch Foxtel GO Overseas – Step by Step Guide

Follow Instructions
  1. First you need Foxtel GO subscription to access Foxtel service
  2. Sign up Surfshark VPN (editor’s choice) (select your desired package), choosing longer package gives you huge discounted price.
  3. Download VPN Software or application
  4. Launch VPN service and enter your log in credentials
  5. Change your country location to Australia
  6. Visit Foxtel Go website or launch Foxtel Go app
  7. Enjoy Foxtel Go service without any restriction outside Australia

Yes, you can access Foxtel Go from anywhere in the world now, you are no longer restricted to access it only in Australia.

How Foxtel Go See Your Location

When you are using VPN, and then visit Foxtel website or launch Foxtel app, it will check your location IP address, since you are using VPN. Foxtel will get the IP location which you selected in your VPN which is now Australia.

VPN Service Providers for Foxtel Go

In the VPN market, there are many VPN service provider claiming access of unblock services that you want, but not all VPN service provider unblock each and everything, you need to do some research to find out either your selected VPN provider unblock your desired service or not.

Therefore, we did research for your ease and found that Surfshark VPN is the best options to access Foxtel Go outside Australia.

With VPN service, you will be able to access other streaming services such as Stan, Channel 9, Kayo Sports from anywhere in the world

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