How to Watch Hotstar in Australia in 2021

If you are in a rush and want to know how to watch Hotstar in Australia, then get a VPN from Surfshark VPN, connect India server and watch Hotstar in Australia.

Despite online TV channels in the US and UK on the rise, this is not the matter for Australians who are unable to access certain sites that offers TV shows and movies to online viewers.

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Online TV channels such as Amazon, Netflix and Hulu are the most popular in entertainment industry and Australian viewers are unable to watch these streaming services due to geo restrictions.

Another famous online TV channel that is not available to access from Australia is Hotstar. This channel is well-known and offers 60,000+ hours of free streaming content in 8 languages.

Is Hotstar Available in Australia?

Hotstar is the most popular video on demand streaming platform that offers live sports streaming as well as TV shows and movies. It is not accessible outside India due to geo restrictions.

This means if you are Australian citizen or expat, you are not able to access Hotstar from outside India.

Happily, there is a way to bypass geo restrictions and watch Hotstar in Australia. With VPN, you can beat any geo restrictions and watch Hotstar in Australia.

By using a VPN, you can switch your IP and unblock Hostar in Australia. All you need is a VPN that gives you Indian IP address. You can now get Hotstar in Australia with ease.

How to Watch Hotstar in Australia with a VPN:

Step by Step Instructions
  1. Get a VPN from Surfshark VPN
  2. Download VPN on your device
  3. Login and connect Indian IP address
  4. Once connected, visit Hotstar and Start streaming your favorite content.

Or if you want to download Hotstar App make sure to connect Indian IP first then download the Hotstar app on Android or iPhone.

Final Words:

Despite of the type of regional restrictions, using a VPN for Hotstar such as Surfshark VPN is the best way to watch in Australia.

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