How to Watch Hotstar Outside India with a VPN

Are you looking for a way to watch Hotstar outside India? For this, you will need a VPN with servers in India.

In this content, we will share 4 easy steps to unblock and watch Hotstar outside India.

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Hotstar has got some amazing shows from Special OPS, Hostages, Criminal Justice and Game of Thrones.

If you attempt to watch Hotstar outside India without a VPN, you will get the following error message:

“We are unavailable at your location [ERR_PB_1417]”


“This content is currently not available in your region“

“This content is currently not available in your region“ Hotstar

How to Get Hotstar Outside India?

To get Hotstar outside India, you will need to get a VPN with servers in India like Surfshark VPN that unblock Hotstar or any other geo restricted website.

Watching TV shows and movies like Avengers, Hostages, Roar of the Lion, Out of Love, Tanhaji and more on Hotstar is possible for users who are residing outside India with a VPN.

How to Watch Hotstar Outside India with a VPN

Follow these 4 easy steps to watch Hotstar outside India:

4 Easy Steps
  1. Get a VPN with servers in India. We highly recommend Surfshark VPN
  2. Download, install and login VPN app
  3. Connect to Indian server from the server list
  4. You can now enjoy watching Hotstar outside India

Why You Need a VPN to Watch Hotstar Outside India

A VPN is a great tool that provides complete privacy on the web and also helps you watch geo restricted website by changing your IP with one that is not restricted.

In our concern here when we connect to Indian server, systems at Hotstar thinks that you are watching the website from India and not outside India.

Surfshark VPN is the best VPN for Hotstar outside India, offers 10+ servers in India. In total it offers 1700+ server locations in 63+ countries.

Can I watch Hotstar Outside India with Free VPN?

You may try it, but currently the most premium VPNs aren’t able to bypass Hotstar geo restriction. So, free VPNs have no luck of tricking the systems at Hotstar.

Besides that, free VPNs have no motive to protect user data; they may sell it to advertisers.

Best TV Shows and Movies to Watch on Hotstar

Here is what makes Hotstar so amazing! Check out the list of TV shows and movies which are available on Hotstar:

  • Game of Thrones
  • Avengers
  • Hostages
  • Roar of the Lion
  • Tanhaji
  • Out of Love
  • Special OPS
  • Criminal Justice

Hotstar Compatible Devices

The following devices are compatible to watch Hotstar:

  • Samsung Smart TV
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Apple TV
  • Xbox One
  • PS4
  • Windows

When will Hotstar be available outside India?

The official date for the launch of Hotstar outside India has not been released, although, with the help of VPN like Surfshark VPN you can watch Hotstar from anywhere.


Getting Hotstar outside India is this easy! Just make sure to get Surfshark VPN and access Hotstar outside India.

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