How to Watch Japanese Netflix in US, Canada and Australia

Netflix is one of the best streaming service that allows people to select and watch movies, TV serials and documentaries at HD quality. The paid plan is available to people from any country including Japan, the most advanced country in technology and innovation. Besides technology and innovation, the entertainment scope is also booming here. For example, Anime has a billions of fans globally. Netflix in Japan is full with anime and Japanese TV serials, and this is why people want to watch Netflix Japan. Japanese Netflix in other countries is geo-blocked. You cannot access it, if you are not in Japan.

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Don’t worry, in this guide we will show you how to watch Japanese Netflix in US, Canada, Australia, UK, Malaysia, Singapore or from anywhere.

Reasons to Watch Netflix Japan from Abroad

One of the reasons why lots of people want to watch Netflix Japan is because of original TV serials and anime. This shows available in your country sometime later, usually takes 5 to 6 months. With more than 6,000+ videos, Japan has the biggest Netflix catalog in the world.This is more than as compare to Netflix US.

With more than 1 million Japanese people living or study abroad. Many of them want to watch movies, anime and TV serials on Japanese Netflix. Although, Japanese Netflix is not available outside Japan.

This is due to geo restrictions people from outside Japan cannot access Japanese Netflix. If you want to bypass these restrictions and access Japanese Netflix. All you need is to get a VPN that works such as Surfshark VPN.

Can I watch Netflix Japan in US, Canada and Australia?

When you visit Netflix Japan, they can detect your IP address that is provided by your Internet service provider. This IP address tells which country you are in at the moment. So when you log in Netflix account it knows your IP. When you visit Netflix from Japan IP address, there is no problems you face while accessing local Netflix. Although, when you visit from different IPs such as US, Canada, Australia, or any other region, Netflix won’t allow you to access Japanese content.

This relies on your IP address whether you can watch anime or TV serials on Japanese Netflix or not. And your IP address can easily change with a VPN such as Surfshark VPN.

Many VPN services have servers in Japan and around the globe. When you connect to Japan server with a VPN, your IP will changed to Japan IP. When you visit Japanese Netflix, they think that you are actually in Japan. Now log on to your Netflix account and Watch Japanese TV shows and anime or any other video in the catalog in US, Canada and Australia or from anywhere.

How to watch Japanese Netflix with a VPN

Here is a step by step guide to get a VPN and unblock Japanese Netflix from any country:

Step By Step Guide
  1. Get a VPN with servers in Japan. I recommend Surfshark VPN for its fastest speed, 3200+ servers and ease of use.
  2. Download and setup VPN app to your device.
  3. Connect to a server in Japan.
  4. Visit Japanese Netflix, login or create a new account (30 day free trial)
  5. Start streaming Japanese Netflix

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Now a VPN is connected on your device and your IP address changed to Japan IP. Netflix won’t detect your IP and it will give you full access to Japanese Netflix library.

Now you know how to access Japanese Netflix in US, Canada and Australia or from any country. With a VPN such as Surfshark VPN, you can easily bypass geo restrictions and watch Netflix Japan anywhere.

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