How To Watch American Netflix in New Zealand

Can I watch USA / American Netflix in New Zealand? Indeed, yes you can watch American Netflix in New Zealand. Netflix is great online on-demand streaming service but it shows content based on the Geo location so in general it blocks you to watch any other country content due to the releasing dates and TV licensing.

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There is a solution of it and you can easily bypass geo restrictions by using VPN service such as Surfshark VPN. If you live in New Zealand so all you watch on your Netflix account which is available in New Zealand and you are missing all great shows which is available in USA.

Netflix only check your IP address or the DNS address to determine your location and shows content accordingly. With VPN service you can simply watch USA Netflix in New Zealand without making any changes in your Netflix account.

How To Watch USA American Netflix in New Zealand

How VPN Works

VPN simply changes your IP location, in your VPN account you can change your country and you get the IP location of that country, then you can visit the Netflix website and you can watch all the US content in New Zealand.

How To Watch American Netflix in New Zealand – Step By Step Guide

  1. To watch Netflix, you must have the Netflix account subscription
  2. Sign up Surfshark VPN (editor’s choice)
  3. Download VPN application to your device (Laptop, Mobile, Tablet etc)
  4. Open VPN account and change your country location to USA
  5. Visit Netflix website if already opened simply refresh the website
  6. Enjoy the American Netflix shows and movies

If you are using Android-based box or Smart TV, and NVidia Shield so you should consider Surfshark VPN.

When you change your country location to USA, you can enjoy all US-only TV shows and other streaming services. You can stream Netflix, WWE Network, Amazon Instant Video, CBS All Access, Sling TV  and Hulu Plus in New Zealand.

Surfshark VPN is best option for Netflix US, once you sign up, it provides you apps for Mac, iPhone, iPad, PC, Laptop, and Android devices. All these apps make it easy to install VPN. If you want to watch American Netflix in New Zealand on any other devices, then you will need to set up VPN on a VPN router.

It is possible that Netflix detect that you are using the VPN service to access Netflix so it may block the content. VPN providers are working on it and trying to resolve the problem permanently. However, the problem can be solved by changing your server location or rechecking within few hours.

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