How to Watch Netflix with HideMyAss [Apr. 2024]

Watching Netflix is one of the major cause for users to buy VPN, the failure of VPN service is one of the major cause for users to cancel VPN subscriptions. As for HideMyAss, it is not sure whether HideMyAss is working or not with Netflix and there are complains on online platforms that HideMyAss is not working with US Netflix.In this article, we will show you the recent information and answer your question – Does Netflix works with HideMyAss or How to Watch Netflix with HideMyAss.

Although it is not true that HideMyAss is not working with Netflix, it is also not true that it works with Netflix every time. This sounds wired, in this article we will show you as much information as we can to help you watch Netflix with HideMyAss

With major HideMyAss US servers, you can login and connect into Netflix, but you cannot watch, as Netflix notices that you are using a VPN. The only US server that works with Netflix is Liberty Island LOC 1 and 2. After connecting HideMyAss Liberty Island server you can watch US Netflix, if it isn’t working try clearing your web browser cache and cookies.

Watch Netflix with HideMyAss VPN
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While connecting HideMyAss Liberty Island server can work sometimes and sometimes it cannot. Sometimes it may work for a long hours and sometime it works for a few minutes. This sounds wired, but if you wait for some time, you may get lucky and watch Netflix with HideMyAss for long day.

Based on the above information, we can say that HideMyAss VPN is working with Netflix. We belief that its taught users will resolve issues they are having with it – before users quit and go on to try different service.

Quick Guide to Watch Netflix with HideMyAss

Quick Guide
  1. Get HideMyAss VPN plan for your needs
  2. Download and install app for your chosen device.
  3. Login VPN and connect HideMyAss Liberty Island Loc 1 or Loc 2 server
  4. Visit and login your Netflix account.
  5. Start streaming Netflix US content

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