How to Watch Showtime in Australia with a VPN [2024]

Showtime is an American based video on-demand streaming service that offers movies and TV shows such as Dexter, Shameless, Weeds, and Homeland. This service is not available in Australia.

Go to the instructions.

If you live in Australia or outside the US, You will get the following geo restricted error message: 

SHOWTIME is accessible for viewing solely in the United States and its territories and possessions.

I will show you how to bypass geo restriction and watch Showtime in Australia.

Showtime is look at your IP address and recognize your location, if your IP address is not belongs to USA, then you will get this error.

You can unblock Showtime content in Australia, all you need is to get a VPN service with US server, I recommend Surfshark VPN.

Below is the step by step guide to get a VPN and watch Showtime in Australia.

Easiest Way to Watch Showtime In Australia

Step By Step Guide
  1. Choose a VPN – Surfshark VPN is our #1 choice!
  2. Download and install VPN app on any device
  3. Connect to the US server
  4. Visit Showtime and start streaming

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That’s all, enjoy watching your favorite TV shows on the Showtime in Australia.

What Devices Can I Use to Stream Showtime in Australia?

You can use Showtime in Australia on Android devices, iOS devices, Windows, Mac, and smart TVs. Once you have created account on Surfshark VPN, download their app on your device and connect to the USA server.

After connecting to the US server, visit Showtime website and start streaming your favorite movies and TV shows.

How to Watch Showtime in Australia

Why Use a VPN to Stream Showtime Boxing in Australia?

We’ve tried various VPN providers and found that Surfshark VPN is the best to watch Showtime boxing in Australia. They also offer 30-day money back guarantee which means if you do not find it working then you can cancel your subscription any time.

Currently, they are offering 3-months free with 24-months plan, don’t miss this golden opportunity and get benefit of this offer before it expire. They are giving 83% discount, to get this offer click on the below link.

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