How to Watch UK TV in New Zealand (7 Easy Steps)

The New Zealand and UK have many thing similar, earlier 1974 New Zealand was following British rule and at that time both of them share the same Queen, they have many thing in common these day. 24 hours on an innovative flight to be accurate.

But when you fly in the sky, one thing that you cannot do is access UK TV channels in NZ.

Go to the instructions.

Due to geographical location error, UK TV in New Zealand is not accessible.

But we have created this easy guide to tell you how to unblock UK TV channels in New Zealand with a VPN so you can access movies or TV shows of your choice.

UK TV Channels Geo Blocked

Due to copyright and licensing issues, UK TV channels are only accessible in UK. If you live outside UK you will not be able to access or watch UK TV channels from New Zealand.

If you have attempt to watch Sky Go or BT Sport you will have noticed its blocked due to geographical restrictions and you will see this message “this video content is currently not accessible in your location”

By changing your IP address to UK you can trick UK websites that you are really in UK, when you are certainly not.

The only way to access UK TV in NZ is with a VPN like NordVPN.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a software that can change your IP address. This tool is good for tricking any foreign network like UK TV channels.

VPN also hides your real location from hackers or snoopy advertisers to no longer track your activity online. If you are concerned about your privacy then you should start using a VPN to stay anonymous.

You can use a VPN with UK server and connect immediately. Your internet connection will be slightly slower but VPN will give you UK IP address.

This will make website think you are living in UK, thus you can easily watch UK TV in New Zealand.

This isn’t finish there, with VPN no one can see you doing anything whether you are in New Zealand or in UK there is no way you can get caught. Luckily geo unblocking in New Zealand is legal too.

A VPN will also protect your activity online and keep your laptop and identity anonymous. While there is no Govt. censorship in New Zealand, some other countries have so stay under the radar is absolutely possible with a VPN.

How to Watch UK TV in New Zealand

Most of the UK TV channels are accessible to watch using web browser or various apps on devices such as Android, iOS, Windows, Roku, Chrome, MAC and other smart TV.

The only best VPN to get is from NordVPN. This is the most affordable VPN, and works with UK TV channels.

Step by Step Guide
  1. Signup for NordVPN
  2. Download the app to your Smart TV or Laptop
  3. Visit UK TV on web browser or laptop
  4. The best UK TV channels are BBC iPlayer, Channel 4, ITV etc
  5. Create an account using your email ID
  6. Make sure UK server is connected
  7. Watch UK TV online on your laptop.

Why We Recommend NordVPN to Access UK TV in NZ?

After checking few VPN providers, NordVPN was the only one that worked great with UK TV channels. They offer 5403+ servers in 59+ countries with apps for all devices including Windows, MAC, iOS, Android, Firefox, Smart TVs, and Chrome.

Apart from Geo restriction unblocking, they offer private browsing, no logs strict policy, 30 day money back guarantee, and superior customer support.

Watch UK TV in NZ with NordVPN
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Best UK TV Channels Online List

The best UK TV channels list to check:

  1. BBC iPlayer
  2. Sky Go
  3. BT Sport
  4. ITV Player
  5. Channel 4 On Demand
  6. Channel 5 On Demand
  7. TVPlayer
  8. Netflix UK
  9. Acorn TV.
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