How to Watch ZDF Outside Germany [Jul. 2024 Updated]

Wondering how to watch ZDF in UK, USA, France, Austria, Switzerland or any country in the world? Below, I will share easy steps to watch ZDF outside Germany with a VPN.

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If you aren’t aware of ZDF, then you have missed amazing content. It’s an online streaming service offering top channels like ZDF, ZDFinfo, ZDFkultur, ZDFheute, ZDFsport, ZDFtivi, ZDFmediathek, and ZDFneo.

How Can I Watch ZDF in UK, USA, France, Austria or Switzerland?

If you attempt to watch ZDF in UK, USA, France, Austria or Switzerland, you will get the following error message:

“Das Betrachten des Videos istmomentanaustechnischenGründennichtmöglich.”

However, you can easily unblock and watch ZDF from any country by using a VPN. Here is how

How to Watch ZDF Outside Germany

Here is how you can easily unblock and watch ZDF outside Germany

Easy Steps
  1. Get a VPN with high speeds German servers. We recommend Surfshark VPN for streaming ZDF
  2. Download the VPN app and connect German server
  3. Visit ZDF and enjoy!

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Why You Need a VPN to Watch ZDF Outside Germany?

A VPN can change your IP address with the one you desired to connect like Germany, in the case of ZDF. This allows you to watch ZDF outside Germany.

Surfshark VPN is the best low cost VPN to watch ZDF. It offers 3200 server locations in 65 countries. Unblock channels such as ZDF, RTL, DW TV and others.

What Channels are Available on ZDF?

ZDF has various channels available online, some of the best are:

  • ZDF
  • ZDFinfo
  • ZDFkultur
  • ZDFheute
  • ZDFsport
  • ZDFtivi
  • ZDFmediathek
  • ZDFneo

ZDF Compatible Devices

ZDF is compatible with the following devices:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Xbox One

How to Watch ZDF in UK, USA, France, Austria or Switzerland?

ZDF is not available in UK, USA, France, Austria or Switzerland. Although, with the help of a VPN, you can watch ZDF by connecting to German IP address.

Is the ZDF Free?

ZDF is completely free and does not need any subscription.

In Which Countries is ZDF Available?

ZDF is only available in Germany but with the help of a VPN you can watch anywhere.

Can I Use Free VPN to Watch ZDF?

You can use free VPN to watch ZDF. Although, we don’t suggest to use it as they don’t make sure unblocking always and may buffer a lot while watching videos.


Get a VPN and watch ZDF outside Germany for free in HD. Our recommended VPN is Surfshark VPN. Hope this guide was easy for you, if you have any other questions you can ask in the comment section below.

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About the Author:
Daniel Aman is a content writer and editor at FastestVPNs, with a keen interest in sports, streaming, and cybersecurity. He has been exploring and working with VPNs for many years.

One Comment

  1. Technically true.

    I’m German, live in Ireland and can watch most of ZDF’s (and ARD) programmes without problems from here, even live with a VPN.

    Of course, there are things like sports or some series they bought in from abroad that may not be available due to licensing – but everything else pretty much is.

    I assume it’s the same from elsewhere in the EU/EEA, including CH, AT and the UK.

    Live is sometimes a bit patchy, but that probably has more to do with my internet connection, so I sometimes wait and watch it once they have it in their iplayer (Mediathek).

    For sports I use a VPN and watch it through sportstudio (or Sportschau for ARD) which usually works better than on the tv channel itself.

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