How to Watch ZDF Outside Germany (in US or UK)

The most famous TV channel that Germans loves to watch is ZDF. Indeed, it is the great channel that numerous Germans grown up watching.

ZDF has wide variety of collection of content accessible online. What makes us realize that you might amaze?

Go to the instructions.

For beginners, it is one of the oldest TV channel in an area. Additionally, it provides numerous types of content such as children, entertainment, culture, series and more.

Although, one feature of the channel that you might definitely dislike is that you cannot watch ZDF outside Germany. Sad. Isn’t it?

But not to worry, because we have a good news for you.

Watch ZDF Outside Germany

There is an easy and secure way to watch ZDF from outside Germany, and without buffering. Read on and learn how.

Step by Step Guide to Watch ZDF Outside Germany (in US or UK)
  1. Get Surfshark VPN
  2. Download and install Surfshark VPN app
  3. After login, connect German server
  4. Start streaming ZDF

Watch Tons of German Content on ZDF:

ZDF refers to Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, which states Second German Television. It has been functioning as publicly owned TV channel from more than 50 years.

Being in the market for such a long time, you can dig out a hidden treasure of content over it. As said previously, you can discover TV programs, documentaries, movies in multiple categories.

Such as, some of most famous movies you can watch now on ZDF include Forecast Murder, Forever Yours, Deadly Infidelity, Storm Siblings and more.

If you wish for a TV shows or TV series have a look at The specialists, SOKO Munich, Summiteers and more.

Alike, there are more famous content available on ZDF such as Bares fur Rares, Das Blaue Sofa, Die Anstalt etc.

If you have no idea where to go, just click categories A-Z choose the movies and TV shows. Or else, you can also findout best content viewed by users.

What devices can I watch ZDF on?

Since ZDF is germans public TV broadcasters, you can get ZDF with all cable TV subscription in Germany. And if you want to access ZDF content online on iOS or Android or any other device, simply do this by downloading ZDFmediathekapp.

The best thing of ZDF streaming is that you can download apps or software on any device or OS of your choice.

All you need to do is to open, setup the app on any device, and watch ZDF from anywhere, anytime.

How to Watch ZDF Outside Germany (in US or UK)

You can download the ZDF app, but you can not have the right to watch ZDF content from abroad just because of copyright issues.

But there is a good news is that you can beat this problem by installing a VPN.

While VPNs are designed to provide online protection from multiple cyber threats, also VPN can be used for online freedom and privacy. You can setup a VPN, change your IP address or location to Germany, and watch ZDF outside Germany or anywhere in a minute.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:
  1. Subscribe to Surfshark VPN
  2. Download and install app on any device
  3. Login and select German server location
  4. Start streaming ZDF from abroad

Watch ZDF outside Germany with Surfshark VPN
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