Cheapest Way to Get Netflix Subscription in 2024

Almost all TV shows and movies fan wishes about watching on Netflix with unlimited or lifetime subscription or might want both items in one subscription. Just think how great it is to sit on your sofa, not doing anything, eating popcorns, and streaming TV shows and movies forever. And everything that at the cheapest price.

Sadly, thatโ€™s an imaginary wish. In reality you have 3 choices:

Cheapest Way to Get Netflix Subscription in 3 Easy Steps:

3 Easy Steps
  1. Get a VPN with streaming servers like ExpressVPN and connect to the Cheapest Netflix country i.e. Turkey $3.27 per month.
  2. Visit Netflix Turkey and buy a basic Netflix subscription
  3. Login Netflix and watch from anywhere (If you want to watch US Netflix, connect US server with VPN)

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Below you can see all about Netflix price comparison list by country. Which country has the most on Netflix? Which country is Netflix cheapest? How to watch Netflix from other countries? Check it out here!

Netflix Price Comparison by Country

Firstly, we should note that Netflix is a huge and popular streaming service and countries where Netflix is available consists of 190+ locations. Netflix allows viewers to watch a great variety of TV serials and movies, including original TV serials and movies produce by Netflix. And as you are aware, Netflix has different price in different regions for its subscription plans. The reason differ from availability of content for a specific region, to regional pricing.

If we see all of the Netflix subscription plans by regions and compare its library and price, we will see an amazing statistic. For example, Turkey is the cheapest country to get Netflix, its price only $3.27 per month. On the other hand, Japan is considered to be the most economical country with its 5986 of available titles and $5.86 per month. The USA is undoubtedly the leader when it comes to the number of TV shows available. Denmark is the second most high-priced country and Norway is the least cost-effective country.

Top 10 Netflix Regions: Number of Available TV Shows and Price Comparison

1) USA: 1682 TV shows for $7.99 per month
2) United Kingdom: 1566 TV shows for $7.87 per month
3) Canada: 1523 TV shows for $6.90 per month
4) Australia: 1520 TV shows for $7.40 per month
5) India: 1465 TV shows for $7.28 per month
6) Japan: 1372 TV shows for $5.86 per month
7) Slovakia: 1292 TV shows for $9.34per month
8) Hungary: 1291 TV shows for $9.34 per month
9) Singapore: 1186 TV shows for $8.01 per month
10) Brazil: 1027 TV shows for 5.36 per month

Why US is the Best Region for Netflix?

The biggest number of TV shows available on US Netflix as per the statistic and price comparison, the US citizens can watch 1682 TV shows and it is the biggest number as compare to other Netflix regions. So, stream the US Netflix if you are a real fan of TV shows, this is absolutely your best region for Netflix.

Netflix hidden library. The US Netflix has 20+ secret categories in its library. By getting Netflix subscription, you can not only unlock TV shows category, but also Teen shows, Crime shows and Documentaries etc. These secret library will help you to find the most amazing TV serials and movies that you want to watch.

US Netflix provides you with the largest catalog of original TV shows and movies, you should absolutely try it.

How to Get Cheap Netflix Subscription with a VPN

Easy as pie! Just follow our step by step guide below

Step by Step Guide
  1. Get a VPN from ExpressVPN
  2. Download and Install VPN on your device
  3. Connect to Turkey server
  4. Visit Turkish Netflix and buy a basic Netflix plan
  5. Enjoy watching Netflix from any country!

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