How to Watch ZEE5 Outside India with a VPN

ZEE5 is one of Indian’s biggest live streaming services, loaded with amazing movies and TV shows. To watch ZEE5 outside India, you will need to see these 4 easy steps:

1. Choose a VPN, Surfshark VPN is our first choice
2. Install Surfshark VPN on your device
3. Login and connect to Indian IP address
4. Start watching ZEE5

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ZEE5, also known as OZEE, has become most famous on-demand video live streaming service in India.

ZEE5 is available in 12 Indian languages with exclusive movies and TV shows up to trillion hours of entertainment, ZEE5 offers a combination of free and premium content. Although, you will have to subscribe for a premium ZEE5 package if you want to watch an exclusive content available on ZEE5.

It gives you full access to ZEE5 Hollywood and Bollywood movies, 1000+ of TV shows, live TV, music, and documentaries.

All the movies and TV shows available in ZEE5 without ads. The only issue is that ZEE5 is geo-blocked and cannot be accessed outside India, but there is a fix for this.

Can I watch ZEE5 outside India?

If you attempt to watch ZEE5 from outside India, you will get this error message:

“Entertainment will soon have a new destination. Coming soon to your country.”

Do you know why? That’s because of regional restrictions. The movie or TV show you want to watch is restricted, and cannot be accessed from outside India.

Thankfully, there is a workaround for this geo restriction and watch ZEE5 from abroad at ultra fast speeds.

How to Watch ZEE5 Outside India with a VPN

With VPN help, you can easily get Indian IP address and watch the movies and TV shows available on ZEE5.

The ZEE5 service will think you are in India, thus you will be able to watch the content available in ZEE5.

VPN is the best tool for privacy and security and also for unblocking regional restricted content.

All you need to do is install VPN on any device, select Indian IP, and you will be able to access ZEE5 from abroad.

Follow these simple steps:
  1. Subscribe to Surfshark VPN
  2. Download Surfshark VPN on any device of your choice
  3. Login Surfshark VPN and connect Indian IP Address
  4. Now you can access ZEE5 outside India

Unblock Blocked Indian Streaming Services with Surfshark VPN

Unable to find movies and TV shows you wish to watch on ZEE5? No worry. There are plenty of Indian streaming services that you can watch, including SONYLIV, Hotstar and more. With Surfshark VPN, you can easily unblock these streaming services and access them from outside India.

Surfshark VPN have 1700+ servers in 63+ countries around the world, including India IP address; enable you to watch the movies and TV shows of your choice from abroad.

Additionally, you will love the ultra fast speeds when using Surfshark VPN service. They have 1700+ dedicated VPN servers for streaming. You need not to worry about anything while watching your favorite movies and TV shows.

After connecting Surfshark VPN, all of your internet traffic is invisible. This means no one will ever get or see your personal data.

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Is ZEE5 Available Outside India?

As mentioned above, ZEE5 isn’t accessible outside India due to geo-restrictions. You will need a VPN service like Surfshark VPN to watch it from outside India.

How to Watch ZEE5 for Free?

ZEE5 additionally offers few free to watch movies and TV shows which users can access without subscribing. If you want to watch ZEE5 titles, you will need Surfshark VPN. With Indian IP address you can access and enjoy free content available on ZEE5.

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