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ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN service provider in the VPN industry, if you are considering ExpressVPN service then first you should look at the VPN server, this will help you to choose the right VPN.

Highest number of VPN servers means a high quality of VPN service, in term of number of VPN servers ExpressVPN is on the second position, as we have already shared NordVPN server list which are higher than ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN Server List

Currently, ExpressVPN have 3000+ fastest VPN servers in 94 countries in 160 different VPN locations.

ExpressVPN have good reputation, because they have high security features, fastest VPN speed.

ExpressVPN Server List by Countries

ExpressVPN have huge number of servers spread in various locations all over the world. ExpressVPN have the VPN servers in following countries (continuously increasing).

  1. The Americas = 15 countries
  2. Europe = 56 countries
  3. Africa, the Middle East and India = 27 countries
  4. Asia Pacific = 4 countries

ExpressVPN Servers Speed Test

We have conducted ExpressVPN speed test which will help you to get an idea about their VPN speeds.

Following is the updated list of ExpressVPN servers by country and city (where available) and the number of servers.

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Complete ExpressVPN Server List

We have compiled and shared complete ExpressVPN server list for your ease.

North America

ExpressVPN have total 38 VPN servers in North America.

 CountryCityServer TypesServers
united states flagUnited States 32
united states flagUnited StatesAtlanta 1
united states flagUnited StatesChicago 1
united states flagUnited StatesDallas 2
united states flagUnited StatesDenver 1
united states flagUnited StatesKansas City 1
united states flagUnited StatesLos Angeles 6
united states flagUnited StatesMiami 2
united states flagUnited StatesMinneapolis 1
united states flagUnited StatesNew Jersey 3
united states flagUnited StatesNew York 2
united states flagUnited StatesPhoenix 1
united states flagUnited StatesSalt Lake City 1
united states flagUnited StatesSan Francisco 2
united states flagUnited StatesSan Jose 1
united states flagUnited StatesSanta Monica 1
united states flagUnited StatesSeattle 1
united states flagUnited StatesTampa 1
united states flagUnited StatesVirginia 1
united states flagUnited StatesWashington DC 2
Canada FlagCanada 5
Canada FlagCanadaMontreal 2
Canada FlagCanadaToronto 2
Canada FlagCanadaVancouver 1
mexico flagMexico 1

Central America

ExpressVPN have 3 VPN servers in Central America.

 CountryCityServer TypesServers
costa rica flagCosta Rica 1
guatemala flagGuatemalaBrazilVirtual1
panama flagPanama 1

South America

They have total 9 VPN Servers in South America.

 CountryCityServer TypesServers
argentina flagArgentina 1
brazil flagBrazil 2
chile flagChile 1
colombia flagColombia 1
ecuador flagEcuadorUnited StatesVirtual1
peru flagPeruBrazilVirtual1
uruguay flagUruguayArgentinaVirtual1
venezuela flagVenezuelaBrazilVirtual1


ExpressVPN have 58 VPN servers in Europe.

 CountryCityServer TypesServers
united kingdom flagUnited Kingdom 5
united kingdom flagUnited KingdomDocklands 1
united kingdom flagUnited KingdomEast London 1
united kingdom flagUnited KingdomKent 1
united kingdom flagUnited KingdomLondon 1
united kingdom flagUnited KingdomWembley 1
albania flagAlbania 1
andorra flagAndorraNetherlandsVirtual1
austria flagAustria 1
belarus flagBelarusNetherlandsVirtual1
belgium flagBelgium 1
bulgaria flagBulgaria 1
croatia flagCroatia 1
cyprus flagCyprus 1
czech republic flagCzech Republic 1
denmark flagDenmark 1
estonia flagEstonia 1
finland flagFinland 1
france flagFrance 3
france flagFranceParis 2
france flagFranceStrasbourg 1
germany flagGermany 4
germany flagGermanyDarmstadt 1
germany flagGermanyFrankfurt 2
germany flagGermanyNuremberg 1
greece flagGreece 1
hungary flagHungary 1
iceland flagIceland 1
ireland flagIreland 1
isle of man flagIsle of ManNetherlandsVirtual1
italy flagItaly 2
italy flagItalyCosenza 1
italy flagItalyMilan 1
jersey flagJerseyNetherlandsVirtual1
latvia flagLatvia 1
liechtenstein flagLiechtensteinNetherlandsVirtual1
lithuania flagLithuania 1
luxembourg flagLuxembourg 1
macedonia flagMacedoniaNetherlandsVirtual1
malta flagMaltaNetherlandsVirtual1
moldova flagMoldova 1
monaco flagMonacoNetherlandsVirtual1
montenegro flagMontenegroNetherlandsVirtual1
netherlands flagNetherlands 3
netherlands flagNetherlandsAmsterdam 1
netherlands flagNetherlandsRotterdam 1
netherlands flagNetherlandsThe Hague 1
norway flagNorway 1
poland flagPoland 1
portugal flagPortugal 1
romania flagRomania 1
serbia flagSerbia 1
slovakia flagSlovakia 1
slovenia flagSlovenia 1
spain flagSpain 2
spain flagSpainBarcelona 1
spain flagSpainMadrid 1
sweden flagSweden 2
switzerland flagSwitzerland 2
turkey flagTurkeyNetherlandsVirtual1
ukraine flagUkraine 1


There are 7 ExpressVPN servers in Oceania.

 CountryCityServer TypesServers
australia flagAustralia 6
australia flagAustraliaBrisbane 1
australia flagAustraliaMelbourne 1
australia flagAustraliaPerth 1
australia flagAustraliaSydney 3
new zealand flagNew Zealand 1


ExpressVPN have 33 VPN servers in Asia.

 CountryCityServer TypesServers
armenia flagArmeniaNetherlandsVirtual1
azerbaijan flagAzerbaijan 1
bangladesh flagBangladeshSingaporeVirtual1
bhutan flagBhutanSingaporeVirtual1
brunei flagBruneiSingaporeVirtual1
cambodia flagCambodiaSingaporeVirtual1
georgia flagGeorgia 1
hong kong flagHong Kong 5
india flagIndia 3
india flagIndiaChennai 1
india flagIndiaMumbai 1
india-flagIndiaUnited KingdomVirtual1
indonesia flagIndonesiaSingaporeVirtual1
japan flagJapan 3
kazakhstan flagKazakhstanSingaporeVirtual1
kyrgyzstan flagKyrgyzstan 1
laos flagLaosSingaporeVirtual1
macau flagMacauSingaporeVirtual1
malaysia flagMalaysia 1
mongolia flagMongoliaSingaporeVirtual1
myanmar flagMyanmarSingaporeVirtual1
nepal flagNepalSingaporeVirtual1
pakistan flagPakistanSingaporeVirtual1
philippines flagPhilippinesSingaporeVirtual1
singapore flagSingapore 3
singapore flagSingaporeCentral Business District 1
singapore flagSingaporeJurong 1
singapore flagSingaporeMarina Bay 1
south korea flagSouth Korea 2
sri lanka flagSri LankaSingaporeVirtual1
taiwan flagTaiwan 1
thailand flagThailand 1
uzbekistan flagUzbekistan 1
vietnam flagVietnamSingaporeVirtual1


Currently ExpressVPN have 4 VPN servers in Africa.

 CountryCityServer TypesServers
algeria flagAlgeriaNetherlandsVirtual1
egypt flagEgyptNetherlandsVirtual1
kenya flagKenya 1
south africa flagSouth Africa 1


Express VPN has 1 VPN server location in the Caribbean.

 CountryCityServer TypesServers
bahamas flagBahamas 1

Above ExpressVPN servers tables were posted on September 19, 2019, these server list may be updated on ExpressVPN’s website.

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